Selling Your Home?

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RE/MAX Innovations Driven to Help People Achieve their Goals

Let’s be honest, selling your home is up there amongst the most stressful experiences in life. At RE/MAX Innovations, our agents understand this and we work hard to make the entire process as easy and stress-free as it possibly can be for you. Download our Buyer’s Packet here.

Having an objective third party, that is also caring, helps you to stay focused on both the emotional and financial issues that matter most. Our job is to be the “heavy lifter” on your team that makes you look and feel confident. We worry about the hard parts about selling a home so that you can focus on the next important steps in your life.

Our experienced agents are guided by key principals as they do their job for you:

1) Your Innovations Agent understands that people come first and that you’re the client. It’s all about you and making your home sell while respecting your needs in the process.

2) Your Innovations Agent will work to protect you and your interests. That means working to get you the highest price possible on terms that work for you. We will never let you get taken advantage of in any negotiation.

3) Your Innovations Agent will listen to you and your needs. We will analyze your situation and bring the very best resources into your home selling process. We will offer support when and where you need it most.

4) Your Innovations Agent will develop and implement a marketing plan to showcase your home’s features. We will incorporate today’s technology to display your home in it’s best light.

5) Your Innovations Agent will manage the entire closing process of your home’s sale. We’ll review contracts, manage timelines, setup inspections and appraisals, offer resources, and even attend the closing with the seller. We bring all resources to bear on your behalf.

6) Your Innovations Agent is able to offer you support in many ways. Listing and showing your property, along with handling every detail of the selling process, requires years of training, and ongoing training, as well as experience working with people in the industry. In addition to our home selling expertise, we are here to assist you after the sale.

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